Sep. 10th, 2015

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"There is no such thing as was—only is. If was existed, there would be no grief or sorrow."
---William Faulkner

Sometimes it’s
       bigger than my
             body, the body

that gave it
       life, that is
           its life—as if I’m

a frame for
      it, as if it
             continues beyond

my end, although no
       one, not here,
             can see where

it goes, how
       far, & now
             it finds

its way into
       every possible
             place I

imagine, even
       the past, which believes
             in my scar like

a prophecy, & like a god’s
       work, I have no
             memory of it breathing

into me &
       abstracting me
             to myth from which to

remake the world
       into the rising
             & falling

action of fiction—my body
       as denouement. Sometimes I feel
             it without waiting

for its hum on
       the nerves, its shivering
             arc from eye

to jawbone. How often
       I want to
             give it a voice so

it can tell
       me what I want
             it to say—that it knows

me like tomorrow
       does. That a need lives
             in lack’s because.

---Emilia Phillips

"Lake Echo, Dear"
Is the woman in the pool of light
really reading or just staring
at what is written

Is the man walking in the soft rain
naked or is it the rain
that makes his shirt transparent

The boy in the iron cot
is he asleep or still
fingering the springs underneath

Did you honestly believe
three lives could be complete

The bottle of green liquid
on the sill is it real

The bottle on the peeling sill
is it filled with green

Or is the liquid an illusion
of fullness

How summer’s children turn
into fish and rain softens men

How the elements of summer
nights bid us to get down with each other
on the unplaned floor

And this feels painfully beautiful
whether or not
it will change the world one drop
---C.D. Wright


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